“Gene helped me tell my business story in a way that is authentic and compelling. He approached this writing assignment as a conversation, so it was easy for me just to talk instead of having to write it from scratch. When I heard my own story again, I could see more clearly how the services I provide are tied together.

— Katrina Bragg, Task Mania

• • •

“I’m never sure how to frame my skills and experiences for potential clients. Gene used a clever method to help me focus on the right information about myself and my work so that he could create an accurate and inviting portrait of what I do.

His method also pushed me to make some hard decisions about who my market is and how I should be communicating to them. The process was a true collaboration from beginning to end.”

— Marie-Clare Prisco, Prisco Creative

• • •

“I was daunted by the task of pulling together bits and pieces of my writing to express my essence for the benefit of my tribe. Gene easily and succinctly distilled the essence of my work into four precise paragraphs that I can use on my website and in other copy.

Besides clarity and a sense of ease around the process, I gained renewed confidence in my mission, additional insights into the big picture of my work, and was reminded how important it is to have colleagues who act as ‘believing mirrors’ regarding my contribution to the world.”

— Cheryl Schweitzer, Stelladanza

• • •

“I found working with Gene very enjoyable. He really listened and was genuinely interested. His questions enabled me to go deeper and to get clearer about who I am and what I offer.

This new bio is the most different and unique one that I have ever had! When I first put it on my web page and read it, I realized I was seeing myself in a fresh, original way. And, I am enjoying the process of practicing what I preach to my students: that life is about change and all of us can ‘step out of our comfort zones’ and try something new!”

— Vicki Beilharz, Dharma Yoga Teacher Training