Your finished profile will be 3–5 short paragraphs that capture your essence and attract the people you want to serve. It will be a unique statement of who you are and what you care about.

You can use it or its elements everywhere: the About page on your website; your profile on any social networking site (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.); on flyers, brochures and programs; as the source from which to draw your elevator speech, manifesto or style statement; or for the bio on the jacket of your next book …

Did I mention you don’t have to write anything? You’re simply going to have an engaging conversation with me just like you would with an interested friend. The people I have worked with tell me they enjoyed the process and went away feeling clearer, more confident and more excited about the work they do.

How It Works

  • We set up a time for me to interview you via phone or Skype.
  • I review your current material online.
  • I send you a list of questions to get you thinking.
  • I interview you and take notes. (Plan on an hour for our conversation.)
  • I compile a draft and send it to you for your review.
  • We meet again to refine and polish your profile until you are delighted with the result.

Cost: $225 per profile, payable $125 when we start work and the balance on completion.

The Next Step

Contact me at gene@articulateink.com for a free consultation to discuss how we can create a professional profile that you will be proud to share with the people you want to attract and serve.