Here is what I know: Being real is more magnetic than trying to be impressive. Telling a compelling story about who you are and what you care about creates more interest and stronger relationships than just listing your accomplishments.

When we meet someone new, the first question we are asked, both as individuals and as business professionals, is “What do you do?” What they are really asking is: “Who are you?” “Why should I do business with you?” Without the right words, potential customers and collaborators struggle to connect you to their core values, their goals and aspirations.

Which of the two profiles below connects better with you?


Original Profile

Vicki Beilharz: (E-RYT 500 and Anusara Certified) has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 23 years. Vicki took her first yoga class one month after undergoing double-knee surgery, and after experiencing positive results, quickly became an enthusiastic student of the Iyengar method.

Vicki candid 2013 175For the next six years Vicki continued studying, practicing and teaching the Iyengar method and it was near the end of this time that she met John Friend, original founder of Anusara Yoga. Vicki was intrigued with this style of Hatha yoga because of its uplifting philosophy and profound connection to ‘spirit’. She became a dedicated student and in 2003, after six more years of study, qualified as a certified Anusara Yoga teacher.

Vicki’s inspirational teaching is an outgrowth from her own personal experience with yoga. Her instructions and demeanor are infused with passion, experience, love, laughter and joy!

Vicki also holds a B.S. Degree from Slippery Rock University in Physical Education and Health.


Dynamic Profile

Yoga provides us with an opportunity to remember who we are—our true essence, our innate goodness and our connection to a divine source. For 23 years, I have shared my experience and studies with others to help them grow and heal.

I love introducing people to yoga and watching their faces as they concentrate when facing a challenge and then light up as connections between mind and body blossom. I love watching how they get stronger over time and accomplish things they didn’t think they could.

I also love guiding yoga students who want to grow into yoga teachers. One of my primary intentions is to teach them to look closely, recognize each student’s needs, and provide the resources for them to express the pose in their own unique style. Both teacher and student learn to respond in a way that uplifts people and enhances life in general.

My students are my best teachers. They get me to dive deep into my vocabulary and describe the practice with clarity and precision. They also teach me about paying attention to their energy and lead me to adapt my classes to meet their needs.

Practicing yoga together, we realize our greatness and the value of who we are.

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